Our Prices have just gone lower!!

We a iMaster Repair are happy to say that we already were the lowest priced repair service business on the web! And now we just lowered our prices even lower!!!

Hot Repair Services:

iPad 2 Screen Repair – $99  http://www.imasterrepair.com/ipad-2-screen-repair/

iPad 3/4 Screen Repair – $115 http://www.imasterrepair.com/ipad-3-4-screen-repair/

iPod Touch 4th Gen Screen Repair – $60 http://www.imasterrepair.com/ipod-touch-4th-generation-repair/

Don’t forget to find a promo code to use to save even more!!

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New Company Name!

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment

iGadgetResq is now iMaster Repair.

All of our services and policies haven’t changed.  For all of your igadget repair needs, visit our website www.imasterrepair.com!

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Pre-Order Your Luminescent Logo Mod Kit For iPhone 4/4S

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment


Are you one of the millions that missed out on the sale of the logo mod kits? iGadget ResQ was luck enough to get 10 of these logo mod kits.

As of now we are waiting for the shipment of these kits to get to us, so in the mean time we are accepting pre-orders for the kits. As stated we have a very limited amount, so when they are gone they are gone!

If your out of the loop and have not heard of this mod kit let me explain what it is, This kit gives your iPhone’s logo on the back panel to light up just like all Macbook’s and Pro’s.

How does this work? In the kit it has a custom glass panel just like the original one on the back of your phone now, has no change in thickness or size, so you don’t have to worry about your cases not fitting your newly model iPhone. The custom glass panel as a glass transparent logo so that the light panel in the phone will light up to create the glowing Apple logo.


You getting excited, Hurry and Pre-Order your kit today. When they are gone They Are Gone!

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Got an iPad with a Cracked Screen? Get $10 OFF Your Screen Repair Today!

November 16, 2011 1 comment

Is your iPad looking like the image above? Maybe worst or not that bad at all? Well we at iGadget ResQ have a deal for you if you use promo code: igadgetresq you’ll get $10 OFF your Screen Repair service, this is for both iPad 1St Gen and iPad 2.

The iPad 1st gen and iPad 2 screen’s are totally different, in order for Apple to achieve the slim and less weight of the iPad 2 Apple decided to remove the old screen frame that’s on the iPad 1st gen and just glue the screen on to the iPad 2 its self. Now the iPad 1st Gen screen is does have the screen frame rather than just the glass being glued to the housing, the iPad 1St Gen’s screen is held on by many clips.

Both iPad’s  screen replacements are considered to be rated at a Difficult repair level for DIY iPad owners, Many things can go wrong if you’re not careful.

For this reason we recommend you let the Pro’s at iGadget ResQ do it for you!

(Don’t forget about using Promo Code: igadgetresq To Save $10 on your iPad Screen Repair.)

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My Laptop Went Swimming – Can It Be Fixed?

September 21, 2011 1 comment

Has your Apple Laptop suffered a liquid spill? Has it stop working or lost some of its functionality? If so, iGadget ResQ is here to help.

Our Apple Technicians will put your Apple Laptop through an extensive cleaning process and will determine the exact issues and what parts will be needed to get your Apple Laptop in 100% working order.

We don’t change parts until you give us the ok to proceed with completing your repair.

What Not to Do:

Liquid can help electrical current move about the componets of your Mac in destructive ways.


This will only spread the liquid around.


Even at low settings a hair dryer will cause damage to sensitive componets.

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