Hook…Line…& Sinker

That’s right, put the term “free iPhone 7” out there and you’ve hooked him. We had just switched to T-Mobile so the timing was perfect when they came out either their offer for a free iPhone 7, when you trade in your old one, and sign a 2 year contract. 

Now I have to laugh at the fact that I’m sitting here typing from the new iPhone, and Chris, for some reason, does not have his yet. Chris is way more excited for this than I am. Not unlike the time when I got a minivan. Chris=super excited. Me…well I don’t like change. So when things change it takes me a while. 

So here is me, doing my best to take a picture of the new phone, with the new phone. Let’s face it, walking to another room to get the camera, then upload the pictures…lots more work. I added the baby, not for picture quality, but to save her from a bouncer ride from her brother. 

Amendment of the last blog post. I had written that Chris is very careful with his money. He was quick to point out that the money he earns is our money. I’m very blessed he feels that way and that he values my role as a stay at home mom. He was also very impressed when I told him some of the subject manner was about the new iPhone 7. When he started spouting off very specific facts and asking me for details, he was just as quickly chuckling at the fact that I didn’t know any of what he was talking about. 

I started blogging to let people, hopefully customers, know that we are in fact real people. We offer a real service, and no our business is not a scam to get you to mail in your device so we can keep it. 

If Chris had the time to blog, you’d know he really knows his stuff. We are going to make a better effort to do some blog post featuring Chris’ knowledge. Now I say that very loosely…let’s see if we can get it together to make it happen! 


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