The 7 is Here

Chris’ iPhone 7 came in the mail a few days ago. Are you wondering if it’s worth the money to upgrade? We will try and help you decide.

How is it different than the iPhone 6s?

The 7 has a higher megapixel camera. There is no headphone jack. Why? Apple added a bigger camera module and Taptic Engine. The Taptic Engine is what creates the vibrate response. Headphones do work, you will need a pair that plug into the charging port. You will also be able to get a little more volume, the ear speaker projects sound now. Not just the speaker at the bottom. And that’s about it.

I have not noticed too much of a difference. And Chris has had his for all of three days and is sending it back. The T-Mobile deal to get a free 7 didn’t have terms that worked for us (we still have their service though). So he’s going to save money, instead of upgrading. So was it worth it? If you have a 4 or 5, there is quite a difference. But going from a 6s to a 7, not enough of a difference for us.

Where the bigger upgrade comes in is with the new iOS 10 software.

Chris’ favorite new features of the phone are the texting upgrades. He sends me all kinds of visual texts. Shooting stars, fireworks, you know, keeping the romance alive via technology. 😉

His second favorite feature is the sleep app. When your employee uses it, their productivity, particularly first thing in the morning, increases!! In fact one morning he was even waiting for Chris to get to work. Thank you iOS 10.😊


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