Upgrade?…Grandma did!

The iPhone 7 is rumored to be released in September. There is currently a debate in the “iPhone source world” about what the pre-order date and release date are. But I really have no inside sources, so your google research will be as good as mine!

Then comes the question. To upgrade or not? Chris doesn’t usually choose to skip the mortgage payment to foot the bill for the rumored $800-$900 price tag of the new phone. So there will be no immediate upgrades in this household. (Hope you get the sarcasm, he’s very careful with his money).

So what’s new with the iPhone 7? The rumors are that it will have a better camera, among other things. When Chris does get his hands on it I can guarantee that he will be testing that right up against the Smasung he keeps going back too, because of the camera. Although right now he currently has an iPhone…I think… couldn’t tell you which one though. 

I personally am not too hyped up about it.  Chris manages the phone upgrading around here. Currently I have a 16gb iPhone 6. However, I am hyped over the fact that my grandmother upgraded her flip phone to an iPhone! 

She has perfectly sailed right in to texting, taking pictures (no selfies yet though), sending pictures and a few days ago we ventured into the google maps app. When she returned from vacation  she was also proudly sporting her Fitbit and whipped out the app on her phone to see which of my relatives she was ahead of for the day! 

So for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of the iPhone 7, I suppose that I can relate. I am anxiously awaiting for the day my dad will upgrade to a smart phone! But I love to hear him and my grandma bicker. She tells him he needs a smart phone to “keep up with the times!” If that statement coming out of the mouth of an 80 year old woman doesn’t impress you, her gun collection will😉.


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