Family Business…Not Quite Yet


When I am having a conversation where the topic involves what Chris does for a living, I often get asked if I work at our repair business as well. The short answer to that is no. The long answer would be that once upon a time I did help quite a bit with the business. I’ve never done repairs, I helped with packing, unpacking, shipping, tasks like that.

While we have a storefront now, we started the business at home with the “repair shop”located in a spare bedroom. At the time we also had no children. On my days off from work I would help out when Chris needed it.

Fast forward 5 years and 2 children, soon to be 3, I no longer have days off from work. Now I tote around two little children who quickly become a hazard to an already hazardous workplace. Not purposefully hazardous, just the nature of the toddler years.

Most of the time when we make a visit to “Dad’s work,” we sit in the car and he comes out to see us. Last week when we went to visit, we actually ventured in and I was quickly reminded why we don’t go in very often. However, it is great to see the kids admire their dad as he works and be able to see what he does.

After watching Chris scrape glass off a broken iPad for about 30 seconds (flying glass and children just don’t mix well) we ventured into the office. So many fun buttons to push and computer icons to click on! All the while my boy is asking me to get the popcorn down from storage.

One day, I’m sure all too soon, they will be able to go learn their dad’s trade better. But for now we will keep our visits to Chris coming out to visit us in the car. While we are parked the kids can watch the workers busy on the new dollar store going up next to our building.


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