imageiMaster Repair was founded in November 2011. Creating this business was not a dream come true for our family, the Rios family. You might find it odd that I say it was not a dream come true, but it really wasn’t. At the time, we never dreamed that we could start our own business and be able to provide a living for our family. Chris, my husband, and the tech savvy pro behind this business, started college right after high school. While he should have been studying for his exams, he was in his bedroom learning how to repair the hot, new razor phone that had just come out. I was also in college, we were dating at the time, and I was studying to be a registered nurse. As time passed, I finished school, earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing & Chris withdrew from college and started learning how to repair the newest cell phones with a preference for the iPhone. Since then, his knowledge of mobile device repairs has grown tremendously. We married in 2009, at the time, Chris was supporting us while I finished college. He would buy mobile devices broken, fix them, and re-sale them on an auction site. Wanting to cut out the middle man, when I finished college, we switched places. I supported our family while we started up iMaster Repair (formerly known as iGadget Resq). We launched our web site in 2011 and became a mail in repair service primarily for iPads, iPhones & iPods. We have since expanded brands & devices that he repairs and hired 2 employees. We have moved our business from our guest room, to our basement & now have a store front in Payette, Idaho. We have also expanded our family. We have two children that I am blessed to stay home with because of this business!



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