Otter box cases are back in stock!!



Chris dropped a not so subtle hint that he thought I should get a blog post up. He’s right, my mind has been totally elsewhere.

Chris and I are having our third baby this summer. This time around I have been more sick than the last two pregnancies. The rapid decline of blog posts last fall will reflect the time while I was sick. Now that I’ve moved past that phase, I’m nesting. I’m cleaning and organizing and of course spending time with the kiddos. In addition to that, February kept me pretty busy with coaching dance & supporting my sisters on the high school team.

While I’ve been doing those things, Chris of course has been busy at IMaster. We know it’s taken long enough, but our highest in demand and best selling cases are back in stock. We’ve got a whole wall of Otter Box cases for iPhones and iPads.

We also have a good selection of Cricket phones right now too if you are looking for a cell phone with that service provider.

The supply market has also been improving! Yay! It has been easier to keep more screens in stock so their is a faster turn around time to get your phone fixed.

We are so grateful to our customers and are continually trying to make sure we can meet your needs!


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