New Year, New Hours

When our family was at the Oregon coast last summer we were walking down a busy, touristy sidewalk. A man was handing out flyers, advertizing for his business. It was for a restaurant or cafe, some type of eatery. And this is how the hours of operation were listed,

“Open most days around 11ish, seasonally.”

So…you may or may not be able to eat there, they may or may not be open. I had to chuckle at the advertisement. We also walked past a little cafe who advertised their opening time as 11ish. Maybe we take opening and closing times a little to seriously around here. 

With the new year we have changed our store front hours. We still open at 10 (we thought about saying 10ish). And close at 6pm Monday-Thursday and 5pm on Friday. There was just little to no customers coming in as late as 7. And that is okay! It has been just over a week and it has been a great change for our family to have Chris home a little earlier every day. 



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