It’s Gotta Be an iPhone

Since the first iPhone came out, Chris has been a loyal iPhone user. He’s always had one and upgrades fairly quickly once a new generation comes out.

At the store he buys and sells used devices. A customer sold him a Samsung

Chris came home and showed it to me. He told me he was going to use it and sell his iPhone 6 plus. A few months ago he did the same thing with his iPad and another tablet. It didn’t last, he went back to his iPad. So I knew him using this Samsung wouldn’t last either. I told him I bet he didn’t use it for longer than a week.

Well he won, he used the phone for about a month. Over the last month, I heard all about the new phone. It has some really good qualities and a great screen. However, I knew he was struggling to make up his mind. It wasn’t until last week that he actually sold his iPhone. And he had actually, somehow, gotten all of his ringtones and notification sounds from his iPhone onto the Samsung.

What was the final straw? Yesterday he made a visit to the Apple Store. He left feeling as if he’d cheated on Apple. He said he couldn’t bring his Samsung phone out of his pocket while he was in the store.

When he got home, he pulled an iPhone 6 out of his pocket. He passed on watching a show with me so he could switch his phones over. By 10pm his iPhone was completely back to normal.

I’m so happy! Now when we do things, like go to Costco, I don’t have to wait while he plays on the iPhones that are displayed! After you use an iPhone for so many years, you just can’t change.


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