Supply…it’s a problem

When IMaster operated out of the house & did only mail in repairs, our most popular repair service was iPad screen repairs. This is still true on the mail in side of the business.

However, in the store, smartphones are the most in demand repair. This is good. We knew that people didn’t want to mail in their phones & be without them for a few days. This is why we opened a storefront. While we service a variety of brands, iPhones are the most popular.

While the demand has been good, we are struggling with our supply of replacement screens. And when I say we, I mean the entire smartphone repair industry. A screen shortage has been happening since July, and it is forecasted to last several more months. Our prices to buy screens have tripled. Our repair prices have increased, but we are committed to keeping the repair prices at an affordable rate and worth the cost. We know that we have been struggling to keep screens in stock. And this is why. Simply put, it is a supply problem. Thank you for being patient customers as we navigate through this.

The good news is, as of right now, we are pretty well stocked up on screens!


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