It Is November!

Yes it is that time of year. The leaves are falling off the trees in beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red. The smell of autumn is in the crisp, cool air. I told my dad the other day that we needed to start planning Thanksgiving. He asked why? Well, because it’s November already! Then my grandma asked what we were having for Thanksgiving dinner. I had to chuckle as I said, “Turkey?” She laughed and said, “Just checking, one year I had enchiladas.” I love a good, traditional Thanksgiving menu. With my in-laws in the same town, and their Mexican culture and heritage, they add on rice and beans to the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy menu. Rice and beans add a fun spin on the meal and who can turn down homemade, authentic Mexican rice and beans?!

Now that I have you hungry, I have to say that the real reason iMaster Repair cares so much about November is because it is our anniversary month! Twice! Four years ago, in November, we launched our own website and officially had our own business. While that felt like a pretty good plunge at the time, there is nothing like waiting to see if someone will find your site and place an order! We took an even bigger plung one year ago when we opened our store front.

While nothing really changed in terms of what the business was offering, everything changed! Committing to a lease, growing a new customer base with different needs, and everything else that comes with having a storefront. One big change we made was the brands of devices we repair. When we opened, we kept it to Apple products only. However, there was a huge demand for Samsung, LG & Motorola smartphone repairs. So now we offer repairs on those devices too!

It has been a year! Thank you to the community for bringing your business to us and letting us serve you! 

P.S. If any of you have been wondering about Master Stuart, currently known as Elder Winsor, he will be on his way to Spain soon. He has been serving in Salt Lake City, Spanish speaking, while he was waiting for his Visa. He has it now and will be headed overseas very soon!


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