Ezee Shoppe

Chris is a fixer, his real enjoyment is getting things to work again. Now let me tell you something that might come as a surprise. Chris is not really a people person…at all. At least he didn’t used to be. When we were in high school I had to beg him to go to social functions or to the shopping mall. I thank my mom for my social personality. I thought it was completely normal to be at church at least 30 minutes after it was over. It wasn’t until I was all grown up with my own family that I realized that you don’t have to stay and socialize after the meetings are over.   

Chris once told me he would never open a store front because he didn’t want to have to deal with people. Let’s call a spade a spade, often it is so much easier to sit behind a screen and type something than it is to have a face to face conversation. Maybe not the best option, but it is easier. With this social media world we live in, and through the experiences we’ve had with customers, I know many people will agree with me. 

However, Chris has come out of his shell more than just a little bit. When he was a teenager he used to run to the back of the house and hide from the Mormon missionaries…a lot of good that did him.😉 He makes a great Mormon now. Now he has his store that brings in different people from all walks of life. Plus he has his online customers that he is in contact with. 

Customer service can be a tough thing sometimes. When I worked as a nurse, every night I had 6 or 7 customers. Yes, patient care requires customer service. I provided the same care to everyone and had a wide range of reactions. I’ve been fired by a patient before. I have also recieved thank you cards with expressions of gratitude. You just never quite know what your going to get!

 I admire people who give good, genuine customer service. I know Chris & the guys strive to provide this. It is easy to get a little flustered or thrown off your train of thought and get tongue tied. Customer service really is a skill that takes practice. One time a customer asked one of our employees, over the phone, why our prices were so low. He told them it was because we weren’t really in the business for the money…Just laugh it off right. We all say things we wish we hadn’t. 

Now that I’ve rambled with a bit of a back story, I’ll get to the title of the post.

A little over a year ago, Chris and I were in the middle of getting our store front up and going. Our door bell rang one morning. Chris looks out the window and doesn’t recognized the car. So he sends ME to the door. (Now you see the reason for the rambling). I opened it up and there stood the owner of the Ezee Shoppe magazine. 

She politely asked for a minute of my time. We sit down and she pitches to me her Ezee Shoppe magazine and why she thinks IMaster Repair should be in it. I tell her I’ll have to talk with my husband since we didn’t really have a advertising plan yet. I’m sure any seasoned business person would cringe at that statement, but it’s the truth. 

Chris, who it listening from the other room, within earshot but out of eyesight, pipes up and says something like, “I’ll have to get back to you at a later time.”

After she leaves, Chris couldn’t believe someone had already found us and we weren’t even open yet! Already his lack of enthusiasm for socialization was starting to stress him out. 

Well, this savvy business owner didn’t give up easily. After a couple more stops at the house, and who knows how many at the business, she wore him down. I applaud her efforts and she really is a wonderful lady. 

The Ezee Shoppe has a good thing going. A day after this quarter’s issue came out we had a potential customer who saw the ad and then became a customer. In this quarter’s issue there is also a Holiday Drawing. Check it out! There are some great prizes! 


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