Packing peanuts…or popcorn?

There have been many changes and upgrades that we have made since we moved the business from our basement to a storefront. When Stuart started working for us several years ago, he couldn’t walk to his work desk without having to duck to avoid a daily head injury. Chris was alright, he’s not as tall as Stuart.

Nobody rejoiced more for industrial height ceilings than Stuart did when we moved into the storefront. Those high ceilings also allowed us to upgrade from hand scooping the packing peanuts, to a packing peanut dispenser! Now I know we have many customers who hate the packing peanuts…I understand. When we go to visit Chris at work and then tiny, sneaky, little hands bring them home and crumble them to pieces all over the house…I know why you hate the packing peanuts. However, it is the most cost effective and actually they work well. We’ve successfully shipped thousands of iPads this way. 

In honor of this fine upgrade, let’s take a look back at the best packing materials you’ve sent your devices to us in.   

Thank you to a wonderful customer who finally gave Zack some abs!! Don’t ask what the things are on his eyes, yes they were used as packing material, no I don’t know what they are.

This great customer stocked us up on travel packets of tissue.   

And my all time favorite…



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