Who Landed the Job?

Several weeks ago I was taking a couple of my siblings to register for their high school classes. There were a few lines to stand in, which made for a few opportunities to people watch. While standing in a line I observed a clean cut young man dressed in a polo, shirt tucked in, and khaki pants. He was seated at a table helping with the locker assignments. The line to receive a locker was long and inefficient. He assertively and clearly redirected the line to make it move more quickly. I thought to myself, “I like the way he works!”

An hour later, back in another line, I see the same young man having a converstation with his mother. The conversation was insignificant talk about registration. However, the level of respect and appreciation verbally expressed by this young man, to his mother, was refreshing to see.

A few days passed and Chris & I were discussing possible applicants. He said he had received a pretty impressive application. Small world, it was the application of this same young man I observed at registration!

Welcome Michael to our team at iMaster!


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