Changes at Pirate Cove

When Chris and I finally made the decision to open a storefront, we debated which town to open in. Payette is a small town. I believe the population as about 7,500. When the housing market crashed I felt like there was a mass exodus from town as jobs disappeared. The neighboring town is bigger and we seriously considered opening there. 

About the same time we began discussing a store front, the business plaza we are in was being built. The timing was right, the price was right, and we realized the place was right. 

While the owner of the development was showing us the property he said, “If the businesses come here, people will stay here.” Chris has lived his entire life in Payette, and living here since age 12, I’ve adopted it as my hometown. We bought our home here. We plan to raise our children here. Our families are here. We wanted to contribute to the growth of our community!

Pizza Hut has been our neighbor since we opening in November. Over the past few months we have watched the construction of our new neighbor Dutch Bros. Welcome to the Pirates Cove Business Plaza! And we are getting grass today! As you can see there is room for more businesses to join us. 




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