I took a short break from the blog because our little family took a break from our busy life for a few days. It was wonderful to get away from all the different responsibilities and activities we are involved in and just be together as a family. 

We went to the Oregon Coast and our son could not get enough of the sand! No matter how hard the wind was blowing. Did you know that Lincoln City has the windiest beach in the state?!?! The drive down the 101 to Newport is beautiful though.

 The kiddos loved the aquarium, we ate some amazing, fresh seafood, and visited a lighthouse.  We also found the best kite Licoln City had to offer, a purple cat! 

After a few days, we made our way up to Seaside. Of course we stopped for cheese and ice cream! 



We did some shopping, eating, playing on the beach, and more eating! I knew even though we were on vacation Chris would still be tempted to work. I was so impressed with him though! His work time was very minimal and we had so much family time! What a blessing family is! Good job Stu and Zack for keeping things under control at the storefront and getting the repairs done! 



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