Cracked my iPhone

No more than two days after I blogged about having only cracked my screen once since I’ve had an iPhone, I cracked my screen. Since I know I’d have a hard time finding a person to repair my phone, 😉 I was grateful that only the tempered glass had broken. 

As Chris and I were sitting on the back steps watching the kids play, I fessed up and showed him the broken tempered glass. He chuckled and asked how I broke it. I really wasn’t sure what had happened to it. As soon as I finished telling him I wasn’t sure how it had broken, we stood and walked inside. As I stepped inside my phone flipped out of my hand (it’s a new feature with the software update: phone flips) and fell on the floor. Behind me came another chuckle from Chris followed with the comment, “You’re sure you don’t know what happened?” 

So yesterday I found this handsome repair guy and he had a new tempered glass on my phone in no time. 



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