Update my software again!?!?

It’s there again. Every time I “slide to unlock” it is staring at me again. That red circle with the 1 hovering above Settings. I still need to update to iOS 8.4….I might get around to updating before iOS 9 is released in September. Why update?


Better optimization: the software developers for Apple are constantly checking to see if there are glitches and aspects of the software  that can be made better. For example, after an app is developed, the developers might find that it uses a lot of your battery life. So they recode the app to use less battery life. 

Security updates: Apple doesn’t have antivirus and one way they keep up with keeping your data secure is through software updates. 


Updating old devices: As your device becomes old, and in the technology world that only takes a couple of years, your device may not support the software update very well. Eventually you may not be able to update your device. 

Glitches in new software: one of the reasons for an update may contain the same problem you currently have, glitches. There is always a chance for glitches. 

*Don’t forget to back up your device before updating!  


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