5 Years & 1 Broken Screen

My husband upgraded my tiny, non smartphone, cell phone about 5 years ago. He handed me a customized pink iPhone 3. Chris was perhaps a little more excited than I was. A few months later I put his screen repairing skills to the test when I shattered the screen on our kitchen floor. Of course he had it looking and working  like new in no time.

I’m sure after writing this I’ll jinx myself, but I am happy to report that I have not broken a screen since. We won’t talk about the time I dropped it in the snow, or the two times I’ve lost (but found!) my phone. After that incident Chris tried to convince me that the Otter Box was the way to go. Bimageut for me, it’s just too bulky. I prefer just a slim case.

When Chris upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6, he put a tempered glass on it. Unlike a plastic screen cover, the tempered glass feels very much like the original screen. It’s a great alternative to a bulky case and offers more protection against the screen breaking than my case by itself. Chris does still see phones that have a broken screen even with the tempered glass. But many times, just the tempered glass is broken and needs replaced. At just $15, it’s a great thing to pick up at our store and have our repair technicians install for you!


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