Intern Zack

imageCurrently all the work done at  iMaster Repair is accomplished by 3 people. I’ve introduced Chris and Stuart, the third is Zack.

Zack came on as an intern when he was a junior in high school. Stuart decided it would be a good idea to have someone else who could help out. At the time we didn’t need another employee, so we agreed that Zack could come on as an intern if he wanted to. And the name Intern Zack stuck with him.

Within the last year the business has seen some growth! Intern Zack has become an employee. He has gone from just doing packing and shipping to customer service and now a repair tech. He also just graduated high school in May and brings knowledge in gaming system repairs. We don’t offer this service online, or advertise it. However, we have been able to do some repairs from walk-in requests at the store because of Zack’s knowledge.


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