Master Stuart

imageStuart began helping out with the business when he was a junior in high school, back during the eBay days of iMaster Repair. He started out helping unpack the devices that we received for repair and then re packed and labeled the boxes to ship back to customers. When business started to pick up a little, he learned how to repair iPods and became the main man for iPod screen repairs.

He stayed with us as we launched the website, formerly known as iGadgetResq. Early on circumstances required a name change for the company. Chris brainstormed new name ideas but ultimately Stuart came up with iMaster Repair. In September 2012 iMaster Repair became the new name of the business and Stuart became Master Stuart.

It has been great to have Stuart work for us and see him develop more skills and a bigger role with the business. He now repairs iPads, iPhones and does customer service in addition to the other duties he first started with. I might also add that he is my younger brother. We are greatful he has stuck with us as we have built the online business and now willing to hang on for the ride that opening the store front has put us on!


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