From Basement to Storefront

imageWhen iMaster Repair was founded in 2011, it was strictly an online business. We started in our upstairs office. We put a little desk in the corner for the repairs to be done in and had another desk for the computer. Chris had been listing repair services on eBay. It was going well, but we knew we wanted to grow the business. We hired a great web designer and our web site was built.

As business picked up, Chris started needing more help.  I was working nights as a registered nurse.  On my days off I would sit on the floor of the office and unpack the devices that we had received in the mail. Or build boxes and pack them with the repaired devices ready to be returned to their owners.

By December of 2012 we were moving the business into the basement (that we had to finish first)! We also had my brother working part time for us. After about a year, we brought on another set of hands to help out part time. By the spring of 2014 we started talking about a store front.

We looked at neighboring towns, but being from Payette, we wanted to keep our business in our town to help our little town grow. There was a plaza being built in Payette and it was the perfect place for our store. In November of 2014 we opened the iMaster Repair store front and started accepting local repairs along with our mail in repair service. It’s been quite a ride. We are still working hard to grow the business at the local level. It has been nice not to have all the delivery services ringing my doorbell all day long and to not have packages to climb over as I come in the back door. We do miss Chris being home though!

If your local to Payette, come in and check out our store! I know your all reading this on your smartphone or tablet. If you are sitting at a desk top, come on in, we sell like-new mobile devices.


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